Personal Declaration

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Marcus Cinganelli was raised and taught by a renowned Kent Medium. He unintentionally began doing readings at the age of eleven. Marcus believes he did not consciously choose this path but believes it chose him. He is a skilled electrical engineer aswell as being a highly regarded Psychic Medium known for his energy, humour and outstanding accuracy. 

  • My work is on many levels so it is not necessary for you to have any beliefs to enjoy or benefit from my services.
  • I have no desire to intentionally make others believe in anything they do not want to.
  • My beliefs are based on my own experiences and I do not expect others to adopt them.
  • My only claim is to be psychic and I invite all to draw their own opinions on the source of my information.
  • My intention is to provide a genuine and professional service to all my clients and my aim is to deliver spiritual guidance and personal validation to those requiring it.
  • I respect others who have different beliefs and equally I hope they respect mine. 

My beliefs

I believe there is a spiritual existence after this physical life and communication between the two is possible.  I also believe that spiritual signs and messages are happening all the time.  They are sent on a personal level to individuals and collectively for global matters, all are intended to make a difference.  You don't always have to be psychic to pick up on such messages.  Just being in the right place at the right time with the ability to trust your instincts can be enough.
There are different sources of spiritual messages and varied ways to receive them.  No message should ever be invasive or manipulative as this contradicts spiritual law.  We must always be allowed to find belief naturally and by choice free from control of any kind.  This is the only way we can be sure that we are ready and it's right for us.   

Many people turn to spirituality when they are at their lowest in search of answers to their problems.  This is when they are most vulnerable and susceptible to  manipulation into believing, where they had perhaps previously been doubtful.  To find faith from within is a personal journey we must all take at some time in our lives.  Not only is this empowering but it is everlasting.  This is why I am dedicated in teaching people to recognise spiritual messages and signs so that they can find their own validation just as I did.  After all it is human nature to only believe what we can see for ourselves.  Remember, one message directly received by yourself is worth ten messages that any medium can give you.  This type of validation will last forever and can be passed down through your family for generations.   


                                                      Phone: 01580 292570