Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How long does it take after passing to be able to come through with a message?

Answer: There is no set time spirit will only come through when they are ready and a message can only be delivered when you are ready. 

Question: If I were to have a reading will I be told anything bad?

Answer: No nothing unavoidable, no benefit can come from negative predictions unless they can be avoided.

Question: When is it not advisable to have a reading?

Answer: I do not recommend having a reading in early stages of bereavement or when in a crisis if you are not prepared to listen to reason. A good state of mind is beneficial when pursuing a reading.

Question: When is it a good time to have a reading?

Answer: When you would like to receive a message or guidance rather than be in need of either.

Question: Is it possible to learn to be psychic?

Answer: What is possible for one is possible for all of us. I believe we all have psychic tendencies waiting to be developed.

Question: What is hot reading?

Answer: This is where the reader has researched information about you prior to an appointment.  

Question: What is cold reading?

Answer: This is when generalizations are made during a reading and expanded on according to your response.

Question: Why should I give any feed back during a reading.

Answer:  A message should have personal relevance to you only. The reader does not need to understand your message but if you don't acknoweldge, that you do then they will inevitably try to make sense of the information, this wastes time and is where messages can become corrupted by anothers interpretation.

Question: Why can some messages be a bit vague?

Answer: Physical methods of communication are not available to spirit. After death the communication process evolves and becomes similar to telepathy. Messages from spirit are sent in many forms most are received telepathically and it is our job to put words to them. Our minds are not yet fully developed in this area which sometimes limits the fluency and delivery of the messages. 

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