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"I was very skeptical but was proven wrong. Thank-you!"- Alison Woodin. 

"Amazing, everything was very specific and meant a lot to me. Thank you."- Julie Penfold.

"Wonderful evening everything spot on."- Sarah Mclelland.

"A wonderfully refreshing evening with brilliant evidence and uplifting messages."- Jan and Tom from The Lighthouse Crawley. 

"Brilliant reading! Some excellent messages. Deffiantly see him again."- Kelsey Smith from Rochester.

"Very good one of the best I have been too."- Nigel Cocup from Maidstone.

"A lot to think about. Makes you realise what a superficial level we usually live on. Perhaps we all could live better lives if we were more aware of the depth of all our interaction."- Pat Ward from Strood.

"Brilliant, personally spot on and to the point with my reading."- Geanne Curry from Bromley. 

"The timing of the message could not have been more relevant and important. The delivery of the message was done sincerely and warmly. Really wonderful evening."- Michelle from Ightham. 

"Opened my eyes and changed my views of how I feel about messages from the other side."- Matt Bowler from Chatham.

"Lovely to hear comforting, supporting and funny stories from the other side. Very enjoyable evening." - Amy Bowler from Chatham.

"First time in doing this and it was amazing! Some of the things said meant a lot." - Kelcie from Newington.

"Thank you for a great night with humour, warmth and above all very accurate evidence. Our visitors loved you!" - Open arms Haven in Grays, Jay Gage.

"Great delivery, with humour and sensitivity. Many thanks." - Banyan Retreat.

"fantastic evening. Kept everyone entertained with humour and great evidence." - Strood Spiritual Centre.

"Very good experience. Felt very real, too close to home." - Debbie Driver. 

"Excellent, humorous, fun and spot on. Made us all feel comfortable and intrigued. Loved it!" - Debbie Walker.

"Brilliant experience! Very enlightening and relaxed." - Charlotte Faulkner from Gravesend.

"An incredible experience, thank you. Interesting, reassuring, comforting and nothing scary." - Lucy from Gravesend.

"Great evening made me believe even more." - Yvonne from Sidcup.

"Very intriguing! My first experience of many I hope. A great and memorable night that I will talk about for a long time." - Sara from Sidcup.

"A great and convincing night. A relief as I had recommended him!" - Karen from Tonbridge.

"A wonderful evening, would love to do it again soon. Lovely to hear other peoples messages as well as my own." - Marilyn Chaffe.

"Good evening, I got a message from my brother." - Katie Gill.

"Shocking! Very impressive i'm literally speechless." - Ashley Weller from Chatham.

"Really enjoyed the evening and found my messages to be relevant which confirmed what I already know." - Emma Cavey from Chatham.

"Excellent evening, my messages came through very clearly and I understood what Marcus said." - Jody Belcher from Chatham.

"Very impressed, enjoyable evening I was kept hanging on every message. Marcus is very good at this." - Kelly Murphy from Rochester.

"A warm pleasant, insightful evening with family and very good friends. Better than TV!" - Maureen from Chatham.

"I had three confirmations of who I knew would come through tonight with messages I needed to hear. Very natural mediumship." - Ellen Carter from Chatham.

"Entered as a skeptic but now I would describe myself as intrigued with everything said. Had a good time! - Sean Foster.

"Wasn't sure what to expect but was very glad I came and would do it again as I had some messages come through." - Hayley Taylor.

"Remarkable night, the messages are wonderfully given to the guests." - June Wray.

"Another wonderful evening. The messages were spot on. Thankyou." - Louise Russell.

"Great night with very accurate readings. Spot on!" - Ann Jones.

"Good night, very interesting and enjoyable the facts that were given are correct." - Sarah Becconsall.

"Not who I thought I would hear from but brilliant. A real suprise, thankyou." - Julia Saxby from Rochester.

"Lots of specific information given throughout the evening." - Sophie Crisp from Asford.

"A great evening, lots of very specific information, Marcus created a very relaxed atmosphere. Thank-you." - Caroline Sexton from Maidstone.

"Really enjoyed the evening I could talk about it forever. It has put my mind to rest." - Tracey (sum) Perry from Maidstone.

"I was very nervous but can honestly say I didn't want the evening to end, even though I didn't get a message. Very accurate." - Kerry Lambert from Ashford.

"You have been so accurate with the messages you have given to my mum and I. I know you have really helped her with a difficult time. Thank-you." - Heidi Groombridge.

"An absolutely brilliant night, you were so accurate. I will be seeing you again." - Kelly Smart.

"Marcus reinforced the beliefs that I have. He is a very truthful and honest person." - Lynda Edwards from Swanley.

"Very enjoyable evening, which reinforced my views. Well presented." - Jean Wood from Hartley.

"As usual, comforting, fantastic messages very enjoyable. I was happy and sad but in a nice way." - Sally from Snodland.

"Sceptical at first, as never been to anything like this before, but having a message come through has opened my eyes." - Angela from Larkfield. 

"First time and would come again. Great experience!" - Leanne Gibbins.

"Everything I was told was correct and true, I knew exactly who the people were." - Tracy Smith.

"Interesting, spot on, emotional, a very good evening." - Sandy from West Malling. 

"Came with a closed mind and left open minded. Thank-you." - Tammy from Kent.

"Thank-you so much for a truly amazing night, so accurate!" - Cindy from Folkestone.

"This evening was brilliant! My reading was 100% accurate I would recommend Marcus to all." - Sharon Richardson from Folkestone.

"I found the evening very emotional and closed on an issue that has troubled me for a year. Thank you!" - Luke Richardson from Folkestone.  

"Spot on! Brilliant." - Sue Leong from East Malling.

"Very informal, very intuitive a great buzz when you connect with someone. Great evening thanks." - Linda from Bearsted.

"Great evening, cosy atmosphere and spot on information." - Maggie from West Malling.

"A very enjoyable evening. Everything directed at me was spot on. I left feeling uplifted and warm." - Alison from Larkfield.

"Very personal too me and very, very true." - Alison Kneebone.

"Really apt and comforting, lovely evening." - Beth Batchelor.

"A fantastic evening, leaving me in no doubt with spot on information." - Sally Hounell.

"I was a sceptic but now i'm not!" - Keith Mercer.

"Thoroughly enjoyable and interesting, watching peoples reactions when something very pertinent in their life has been brought to the fore." - Michelle from Tonbridge.

"My third evening event still fascinating and thought provoking." - Karen from Tonbridge.

"Wonderful evening. Marcus received several messages for me that were spot on." - Sue from Wrotham.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this evening Marcus got my situation spot on, it gave me goose bumps - good ones!" - Lotta from Tonbridge.

"Marcus hit the spot once more. It's the third time I've seen him but he just gets better
 !" - Lisa from Tonbridge.

"I arrived armed with an open mind and left with a chaotic mind but could have spent hours more listening and receiving more of the reassuring, accurate messages Marcus gave me. Thankyou!" - Helen Walker from Kemsing.

"Nice to hear from Aunt Mo and to hear that she hasn't changed! Enjoyable evening reinforced my interest in this subject." - Jo from Tonbridge.

"A wonderful evening have to have you back next year." - The Angel Centre.

"Very enjoyable evening gave me goose bumps!" - Christine Clacey from Strood.

"Great night! So good to hear from my parents. Many thanks." - Celia Spriggs from Rainham.

"I was pleased to hear from my Grandad we were very close and I'm glad he is proud of me. Would love to hear more." - Sue Upton from Rainham.

"Both my wife and I really had a great evening. The way you are humorous and compassionate and the way you are helping people is a great thing. I wish you every success for the next one and many more." - John Taylor from Chatham.

"A really good night - thankyou. Exact birthday dates given without hesitation caused a stir!" - Roland Bush-Cavell from London.

"Great show at Chatham well done, we really enjoyed it. If the spirits ever dessert you, try stand up comedy you'd be an instant hit!" - Mr & Mrs Bird from Charing. 

"Great evening amazing to watch. The information for everyone was so very good. I will come again." - Carol from Sidcup.

"Good evening and comforting." - Lesley from Larkfield.

"I was nervous at first, but pleased and happy when my Grandad came through. Thankyou!" - Heidi Heather from Rochester.

"Found the evening very informative and I was pleased that I understood lots of the information and had an insight into what has happened." - Sue Kinslow from Sittingbourne.

"I was nervous at first but happy when my Nan and Dad came through." - Dave Shelley from Rainham.

"Held the evening very well and produced some good evidence." The Light Upon The Hill, Tower Road, Dartford.

"Some excellent evidence. Thank-you Marcus and well done! We look forward to your workshop in October and working with you again." - Maidstone Spiritual Development Center.

"A wonderful evening enjoyed by all. Looking forward to your next visit. Thank you." - Candle Light Centre Deal.

"Lots of messages from close relatives. Spot on!." - Val and Rachel.

"Amazing he spoke about everything that I have been thinking about! Would definitely come again." - Charlotte Dinning from Strood.

"Absolutely brilliant! Very accurate and genuine but above all, said with sincerity and genuinely cared about what he was telling you." - Peter Williams from Maidstone. 

"Very surprised at the accuracy and factual information given. Would do it again." - Toni Pleau from Wouldham.

"Was scared at first but I felt comforted afterwards. Would do it again." - Jade Pleau from Wouldham.

"Had a fun night, it has made me want to keep attending this type of evening." - Helen O'keeffe from Wouldham.

"He was spot on with everything that is happening at this point in my life." - Kelly Squires from Wouldham.

"Very entertaining evening. Good evidence of survival given. Hope to see him again next year." - Martham spiritual group.

"Enthralling explanation of an unknown subject backed with spot on information that was comforting to know." - Sue Cannon from Sittingbourne.

"I could identify with all he said to me. I can't see how else he would of known that information!" - Cath Harrison from Minster.

"Lots of information spot on and very relevant to me." - Sue Kinslow from Sittingbourne.

"Very relevant and thank you for letting me know that my baby is fine and that my Grandand is with me as I have always felt that." - Diane Kinslow from Gillingham.

"I didn't believe before but it's a great feeling to believe now!" - Teresa Borden from Sittingbourne.

"I had a good evening and certainly believe more now than I did." - Heidi from Sittingbourne.

"Very good evening and bang on with information it has opened my mind." - Anthony Wickens from Vigo Village.

"It was very good I had some comforting signs come through." - Charlie Woodhams from East Peckham.

"Exceptional, exact and true to my life I would love to hear more." - Simonette Wickens from Sevenoaks.

"Brilliant, he was spot on with the information. It has really made me believe." - Jan woodhams from East Peckham.

"Excellent evening yet again! a lot came through tonight for me and my friends. Thankyou marcus." - Jo Wickens from Vigo.

"Interesting and enlightening as ever! Thank-you." - Mandy Bishop from Maidstone.

"Very interesting and at times extremely moving. I'm glad I experienced this evening." - Doreen Birch from Maidstone.

"Very entertaining with spot on information and messages for the majority." - Donna Yansen from Snodland.

"Very relaxed atmosphere and a great night." - Beth Batchelor from Halling.

"Fantastic I didn't think he'd be as informative as he was. Thank-you!" - Emma Brown from Maidstone.

"Very interesting he made you feel very relaxed, good experience worth doing." - Aisha-Lee from Maidstone.

"Fantastic evening, was disappointed it ended. My first time and it was everything I wanted it to be. Very emotional, I truly believe! He really Knew!" - Amy Stevens from Maidstone.

"Very relaxed evening, quite emotional but in a nice way. I felt at ease and was pleased with what came through for me." - Sue Clark from Maidstone.

"Great evening. Amazed to hear information about others that I know was spot on it even made me cry. Thanks!" - Helene Piper from Maidstone.

"Good confirmation of the factual information required to establish contact with loved ones who have passed." - Tracy Jackson.

"Fantastic evening, he worked so hard, enjoyed by everyone. We will be booking him again and again!" - Sanctuary of healing, Chatham.

"Very enjoyable. Spot on with a lot of things he said." - Ann Apps from Sittingbourne.

"Enjoyable evening, points made were accurate and memorable." - Stephanie Freeman from Sittingbourne.

"Very eye opening, lovely evening." - Debbie Hall from Sittingbourne.

"An entertaining evening and the presentation of information flowing through was refreshing and credible. Looking forward to the next event." - Judith.

"Great reading! I got some unexpected reassurance. Thankyou for a very accurate reading." - Lois and Ashley from Sidcup.

"Very real to me! Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, will be back." - Sara Underdown from Kent.

"I thought it was very interesting and you were very accurate in what you said." - Chelsie Champion.

"Great evening, very believable, nice guy." - Tracey Keithson.

"First timer - impressed!" - Hilary.

"Interesting, good to listen to. Got good evidence." - Sandra Burton.

"He always tells me something that hits the spot." - Sam Larkfield.

"Great night, spooky how accurate he was!" - Lisa Marie Wells.

"Spot on readings for friends in my party, very good." - Sarah Blunt.

"Thankyou so much for the words of wisdom given to my daughter. I hope that she takes heed!!" - Rosie Wells.

"Thankyou for a good evening. Enlightening!" - Mandy from Maidstone.

"Great evening! Incredible but genuine." - Karen from Tonbridge.

"Great evening. Marcus is brilliant at explaining what we don't always understand." - Myra from Walderslade.

"Would like to know more about all. Excellent evening very accurate." - Maria from Halling.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Everything was very accurate but over too quick." - Ronnie from Gillingham.

"Didn't know what to expect and was suprised at how accurate it was." - May from Gillingham.

"I didn't know what to expect but the information that I received was positive and true. I am very happy and it has changed my way of thinking." - Danny Gooda.

"Enjoyed the evening didn't want it to end." - Sue Wilson.

"Great night, very interesting. Amazed how accurate he was." - Terry Borstal from Rochester.

"Fresh approach to the knowledge of other perceptions, very good evening." - Marie from Lordswood.

"Brilliant night! Very accurate,would love another night and a one to one." - Carol & Donna from Chatham.

"Fun, sociable and very accurate! Not nearly enough time, wouldn't hesitate to recommend, would do again and again." - Sarah from Lordswood.

"Very engaging evening he picked up on a gold watch given to me by my ex-partner." - Lynne Kennard.

"Very good evening enjoyed the gathering. The message that came through was quite amazing." - Kelly Southfield from Gillingham.

"Enjoyed the evening. I have been to lots of evenings like this and this was one of the better ones, would recommend." - Jeanette from Gillingham.

"Enjoyed the evening. The information that was gathered was very useful and correct." - Debbie Phillips from Findsbury.

"Great evening! Information that came through was very clear. Can't wait for next time." - Jackie Holder from Gillingham.

"I found the evening light hearted and entertaining but the information was accurate and memorable.

"More accurate than I thought. Eye opening and enlightening. Very enjoyable evening,thank-you." - Vicky.

"He clearly demonstrates significant skill as a Psychic." - Living TV.

"Convincing psychic abilities." - Bella Magazine.

"Excellent, the best psychic performance I have ever seen."- Catherine from Wrotham.

"Excellent evening, spot on could do with a one to one."- Louise from Sidcup.

"I was so happy my husband came through it made my day."- Carol from Maidstone.

"A little scared what to expect but totally different to what I thought. Can't wait to come again!"- Rita from Tonbridge.

"Excellent night, so entertaining! Can't wait for the next one."- Jo Barber from Hextable.

"Scary how true everything was."- Aaron Sharp from Downswood.

"Excellent evening, just want to find out more now!"- Carole Jacquier from Snodland.

"Brilliant and entertaining evening. Marcus has a comfortable and endearing style and definitely hit home with his comments. Two hours disappeared in a flash!" - Heather Ward-Russell from West Malling.

"One hundred percent spot on, shit hot!- Matt Nonotry from Maidstone.

"Most interesting and amazing really enjoyed the evening." - Marlene & Doug Hayes from East Malling.

"What can we say! A great evening, thankyou." - Andy & Gill from West Malling.

"No bullshit! Completely true about everything. Cheers mate." - Carl Richards from Maidstone.

"One hundred percent correct." - Jennifer Thompson from West Malling.

"I loved everything about this evening. Very impressed. Will tell all my friends. Very happy thankyou!"- Nicola Tucker from Maidstone.

"Extremely relaxed atmosphere and spot on in many ways. I'll be returning thankyou!" - Victoria Delaney from West Malling.

"Brilliant!" - S Tucker from West malling.

"Tonight has changed my beliefs! Would like a one to one."- Rebecca Woolley from Chatham.

"Very funny and interesting at the same time! Best psychic I've seen! - Julie Page from Chatham.

"Some amazingly accurate comments for several guests, gave us all something to think about! A great evening" - Sarah Palmer from Kings Hill, West Malling. 

"Many of our group appeared to receive genuine messages and information that was accurate. Another great evening." - Denise Lloyd from Kings Hill.

"I was touched by the information that came through, it touched my soul!" - Kelly Harris from East Malling.

"Very entertaining and touched on some personal memories."Irene Rowlinson from West Kingsdown.

"Excellent evening spot on in everything Marcus told me." - Debra Hawkins from West Kingsdown.

"One hundred percent accurate on everything said to me. I had a great time and would definitely recommend."- Laura Hawkins from Sevenoaks.

"I was very nervous about comming but really enjoyed it."- Emma Rusthall from Tunbridge Wells.

"Enjoyed it and had a message come through."- Jessica from Tunbridge Wells.

"Very good evening, both had a message through, would like to do it again." - Lucie & Mat from Tunbridge Wells.

"Really enjoyed the evening. Thankyou for your sensitive handling of personal information." - Suzanne Sinnott from Kings Hill.

"Enjoyable evening, catered for all. Thanks!- Simonne from Chatham.

"Fantastic evening! To be told all about myself by someone I don't know takes some beating." - K Thornton.

"Marcus is very entertaining and believable." - H Whillington.

"Very good humoured evening. Spot on readings." - P Brimsted from East Malling.

"Very good evening. Marcus actually repeated a conversation I had a few days before". - T Barton.

"Good fun and got a message, would like to do it again". - Rose from Tunbridge Wells.

"Hope my daughter takes the advice given"- kathy from Strood.

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