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                    "Messages, Signs and Synchronicities" 

Messages from spirit come from different sources and are delivered in many disguises. All are intended to help us in one way or another.

We are all being guided by divine energy and supported by those in spirit who love us. Awareness and susceptibility is all we need to possess to receive and understand our own messages. This is not only empowering, but it also enriches our life.
My intention is to teach you how to recognise messages, signs and synchronicities as they appear in your own life and to understand their meaning, timing and personal relevance.
With this knowledge and some practice you will become susceptible to even the most subtle forms of contact, enabling spiritual guidance to become a part of your everyday life.

Banyan Retreat, Lake House, Maidstone Road, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent. TN26 1AR
Contact:01233 714155

My own psychic development started when I was very young and happened naturally. The method by which I was taught is the same method I use to teach others today. The main ingredients consist of open spiritual discussion, simple yet effective mind exercises, visualisations and lots of practice.
Spiritual development should come naturally to all of us as long as we remember we are all unique. We each have different purposes and defined goals to achieve in life and the only tool we are all born with to help us find our way is our intuition. It is our voice of reason and our sense of direction and when closed off from it, we can become lost.
I believe we all receive guidance of some kind but it is subtle and easy to ignore. Remember, intuition is a spiritual faculty. It does not explain, it simply points the way. 

My workshops are specifically designed to teach you how to receive and understand spiritual messages in all their forms, ensuring that you are ready and able to recognise contact from spirit and be in tune with your own guides. You will be taught through simple relaxation methods how to clear your mind and your own intuitive senses will be stimulated through powerful mind exercises.  After every exercise, time is taken to reflect on and record any messages obtained.  All progress is monitored and encouraged through practical psychic exercises and feed back from other participants.

An enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, Marcus knows how to inspire the psychic in all of us.  His workshops are refreshingly modern and his methods of teaching are simple, yet extremely effective.

                                                      Phone: 01580 292570