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Frightday Night 2009 with kmfm at The Black Horse Pub in Pluckley

The Guinness Book of Records listed Pluckley in Kent as being the most haunted village in England. There have been sightings of at least twelve different spectres roaming the area and a strange fog has been seen to descend at a moment's notice. 
It is also reported that many of the village's buildings experience frequent paranormal happenings. The night before Halloween myself a fellow Psychic and a paranormal research team joined up with the kmfm radio crew to investigate reports of poltergeist activity at The Black Horse Pub in the heart of Pluckley.

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Frightday Night 2008 with kmfm at Fort Amherst


On the 31st October 2008 (Halloween Night) I joined up with kmfm radio station to conduct a paranormal investigation into reports of poltergeist activity at Fort Amherst in Chatham, Kent. Fort Amherst is an amazingly well preserved Napoleonic Fort which is said to be one of the most haunted places in Kent.

We had an amazing night and some very strange experiences. I think it's fair to say everyone on the team felt or heard something during our investigation. At one point we all became overwhelmed by a wave of unexplainable emotion which actually caused two of the team to sob uncontrollably. We heard mysterious footsteps and strange rapping sounds on the walls of the tunnels. Throughout the investigation I was picking up on negative feelings regarding the Guard House for which we were heading. I strongly felt we were not meant to get there and sure enough we experienced some great difficulties on our way and finally all our electrical equipment failed prior to entering the Guard House and our broadcast was cut off whilst we were live on air. We all lost our signals on our mobile phones and we had to close the show before we got to our destination.

Although no longer live on air curiousity got the better of us and ignoring all the signs we entered the guard house. I for one wish we hadn't!

I would like to thank all members of the team especially the kmfm crew who were very professional and great fun to work with.



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